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greysepicontest's Journal

Grey's Anatomy Episode Contest
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Contests about Grey's Anatomy episodes
Entering a Contest

[x] You have to be a member of this community to enter.
[x] You can enter the Icons or the Banner Contest or both. 
[x] Please keep all submissions secret until the voting is complete.

Icon Contest

Icons have to be 100 x 100 Pixel and less than 40 KB.
[x] Icons have to be stilled. Animated Icons are not allowed.
[x] You have to use the given Screencaps for your Icon.
You can use textures, brushes, fonts, but no other pictures.

Banner Contest

Banners have to be between 500 and 700 Pixel long and 150 and 300 Pixel high.
Banners have to be with at least one of the given Screencaps. You can use other pictures too.
You can use textures, brushes, fonts and so one.

Voting for a Challenge

You don't have to be a member of ths community to vote.
[x] Be fair and vote for the best Icons.
Don't vote for yourself.
Don't tell your friends to vote for you.


A new contest starts on Friday (or Saturday). It depends on when the Screencaps are done.
Deadline for contest will be on Thursday.
Votng time will be from Friday to Sunday.
Winner announcements will be as soon as possible after the voting is done.
Award Banners will be done as soon as possible.